It was a time for classics flavoured with nostalgia as the D-Trio, featuring Anjan Dutt, Neel Dutt and Amyt Datta performed Live at Pantiles at Tollygunge Club recently.

The balmy weather and a packed house made for the perfect setting for the gig. "This is an evening to celebrate music and songwriting — a tribute to Pete Seeger, the one who changed my thoughts about music," said Anjan Dutt. The soiree kicked off with songs like Little boxes, which was teamed with the Bengali version Choto baksho followed by Where have all the flowers gone and Mr Tambourine man.

The session was an interactive one and Anjan shared anecdotes about his school days in Darjeeling. "We created this unit not to dish out music just for entertainment but to appreciate, love and honour the tradition of modern music," said Anjan. Requests came in for Tumi asbe bole tai, Bela Bose, Mary Ann and Soishaber Darjeeling and he obliged all.

"I love Anjan Dutt. His song Darjeeling is my favourite as I too did my schooling in Darjeeling," said Enakhi Anand.

Source: Times of India

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